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We are proud of being meliá The Oldest Continuously Operating Hotel

Conceived in 1895, we are the oldest continuously operating hotel in Puerto Rico. Meliá is a landmark of timeless elegance and ageless beauty located in a historic zone in the heart of Ponce, Puerto Rico. Meliá was the first hotel in Puerto Rico to offer a telephone line and a private bathroom in each room.

From very early times the hotel became well known for its attention to personal details, cleanliness, hospitality, service and courtesy. It quickly became a preferred destination for Ponce business travelers. "Mr. Meliá is a prince of hosts, and a man who never grudges at going out of his way to oblige a guest" - Miguel Aguilo.

A century Hotel Since 1895

Bartolo Meliá founded the Meliá Hotel in 1895

The location

Located across the street from 'El Parque de Bombas' and 'La Plaza Las Delicias', in downtown Ponce, Puerto Rico.

phases by era

The hotel has had many changes and redesigns on different eras, in 1915, 1940, and 1960 by several architects.

Time comes, times go

It's been more than a century and Hotel Meliá stays standing surviving many natural disasters. We are commited that tomorrow we'll be here.

Iconic Landmark

Surrounded by museums, monuments, shop, restaurants and cafes, the Historic District is an extension of the Meliá urban experience.

Meliá Century Hotel




hosted guests over
more than a century


years of

know our ecosystem Not just a Hotel, we offer More.

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(787) 842-0260


75 Calle Cristina, Ponce PR